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by Krista Dietrich | Mar 26, 2014

On March 8, 2014, the Junior League of  Tampa’s Girl Power Project presented an  event focusing on teaching the young  women residing at Joshua House the  importance of taking care of themselves  through good nutrition and regular  exercise. After enjoying a balanced breakfast of baked quiche and fresh fruit the residents and staff of Joshua House participated alongside Junior League members in some fun aerobic activities which were then followed by a relaxing yoga session.

After working up a sweat, the girls listened to a nutritionist explain the importance of eating well.  The girls learned how to deal with their relationship with food, what to look for on nutritional labels, and what types of food they should eat in order to feel great and have the fuel and energy to get through the day.

After the nutrition session committee members showed the residents how easy it is to make healthy snacks and smoothies.  Everyone enjoyed freshly made treats and The Girl Power Project left two blenders, a teen cookbook and smoothie recipe cookbook, and yoga mats for the residents to be able to take what they learned into practice. 

Next month’s theme will be The Power of Expression. This event will focus on showing the girls how to express themselves through their own creativity.

About the Girl Power Project

This year the Junior League of Tampa introduced a new project, Girl Power.  The mission of the project is to promote literacy, scholarship, nutrition, and positive self-image to young women in foster care currently residing at Joshua House.  One Saturday each month Junior League volunteers will present a different themed event to present to the young women of Joshua House.  The goal of the project is to improve the life of the young women by showing their lives can improve for the better and that their past does not dictate their destiny, to increase opportunity for academic success for at-risk students, and to decrease the number of youth entering the juvenile justice system by reducing the economic and social cost of juvenile delinquency and helping prepare youth to become productive tax-paying adults.


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