Save Joshua House

Friends of Joshua House Foundation can SAVE JOSHUA HOUSE with your support.

Children’s Home Society (CHS) intends to shut down the Joshua House program in March and list the property and homes for sale. The founders created the Joshua House program in 1990 to help abused, abandoned and neglected children. The founders raised the funds, purchased the property, built all the homes, and then made all of this available to CHS to run the program with the sole purpose of helping our community’s foster children. The founders also created Friends of Joshua House Foundation (FOJH) to continue their legacy ~ Joshua House. The FOJH intend to SAVE JOSHUA HOUSE and continue this mission of providing safe beds for our local children. We all hope that children never need to enter foster care, but until such a day that children are not sheltered due to abuse, neglect or abandonment, we must provide safe options for our community.

Please help. We need your support with awareness, voicing your support against allowing the property to be used for anything other than Joshua House, and giving to a fund that allows us to acquire the property and continue this successful local Tampa Bay community program. Links are underlined for your convenience.

  • DONATE to SAVE JOSHUA HOUSE to support FOJH to purchase Joshua House and continue the program: Click HERE to donate a restricted gift towards saving Joshua House.
  • CONTACT our local representatives and state leadership to support FOJH acquiring Joshua House. Ask them to compel CHS to consider the donor’s intent of the gift of the Joshua House property and building assets when setting the list price. In other words, make it affordable. The founders, Bob Thomas, Dottie Berger MacKinnon, Olin Mott, Laurence Hall, Greg Johnson, Albert Alejo, Jim Zimmerman, their respective families, and many other generous supporters made the Joshua House property and homes available in the spirit of assuring our local vulnerable children always had safe beds and this safe haven.
    • Contact Secretary of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, Nikki Fried
    • Contact Governor Ron DeSantis’ Office
    • Contact Secretary of Children & Family Services, Chad Poppell
  • COMMENT on the Tampa Bay Times article your support for Joshua House by writing to the editorial board at Tampa Bay Times View TBT article by Christopher O’Donnell
  • SIGN AND SHARE the Petition– A supporter of SAVE JOSHUA HOUSE started a petition to build awareness and your signature and sharing will help. You do not need to donate to the cause unless you personally wish to support them. Make a gift to us to help SAVE JOSHUA, but this petition will keep the momentum going PETITION
  • CONSIDER - To our Current/Former Donors of FOJH – If you have donated unrestricted gifts, FOJH wants to know if you would like us to direct your donation to SAVE JOSHUA HOUSE, or, if you prefer your gift returned or directed to another charity, please contact DeDe Grundel to express your wishes.

The Family First Prevention Services Act will redirect funding to prevention services. Our state and federal governments are dedicated to keeping families unified. They are equally dedicated to keeping vulnerable children safe. Therefore, many children that have been abused, abandoned or neglected will continue to need safe homes, therapeutic services to promote healing, and enriching opportunities to help them through their unfortunate circumstances. In light of CHS’ decision to end the program, we are committed to continuing the mission.


Donate here to provide a Safe Haven for the Joshua House Children.